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The Altech Netstar Operation
& Service
01. The Tracking Unit   
02. The Control Centers 
03. The Networks
04. The Recovery Crews
  Altech Netstar Tracking Units        
  01. Altech Netstar Sleuth 
  02. Altech Netstar Early-Warning 



Altech Netstar Sleuth is an entry-level phone-in system, whereby you are required to advise Altech Netstar of a theft or hijacking.


Early Warning

This top-of-the-range system has a number of added features that offer clients peace of mind. Once the system's remote arming device is activated, there is no need for the client to call Altech Netstar in the event of a vehicle theft - Altech Netstar's control centre is immediately notified.


Fleet Management

Vigil Supreme is a state-of-the-art fleet management product combined with the Altech Netstar stolen vehicle recovery system. It is able to provide all of the standard information required by fleet managers, and the best level of position and security available to satisfy even the most discerning private vehicle owner.


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